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Jul 29, 2010

Nichole Knowles senior photo session

Nichole is from Oakridge High School and is very much into motorcycles as you can see.  She wanted some shots done with a Harley and it just so happens that my father had just bought another one.  So we did a shoot with my father's bike and then her father's bike on separate days.  It was a long, fun shoot and some great images came out from it.

Rachel Hoffman senior session

Rachel is from Shelby High School and was one of my senior models this year.  These shots were from her session that she got to pick out the locations that she wanted to go to.  It was another great day of shooting and we hit a variety of locations to express who she is.  Thanks for being a great model Rachel, you were pleasant to work with!

Shalee Blackmer senior pictures

Shalee came all the way from Big Rapids to get her senior pictures done.  After talking with her and getting to know her we picked out some locations that she really wanted to go to that would express who she is.  Being a photographer herself I showed her a few techniques as we were shooting that might help her in her future aspirations.  The weather was beautiful and we got some great shots!

Jun 12, 2010

Hannah Byl

Hannah and I went out and had some fun at a farm nearby and did some fun shots with some farm animals and then went back to the studio to try out some new lighting that I wanted to experiment with.  She was very relaxed and easy going with the animals and we came out with some fun shots.  Hannah is beautiful and easy to photograph and I look forward to using her for some other ideas that I have for some future photoshoots.  Thanks for being so easy going Hannah, not many girls would do what I wanted you to do.

May 1, 2010

Rachel hoffman

What fun this shoot turned out to be.  This is Rachel Hoffman from Shelby High School.  Rachel is another one of my 2010 senior models that got drug through the mud.  She smiled and grinned when I asked her to get into the 1956 chevy that we photographed her in.  She did comment on the smell, but said she would deal with it!  It was a chilly day and goose bumps were present, but we had fun and got some great shots.

Hannah Byl

Meet Hannah, a junior at North Muskegon High School that I had the privilege to photograph as one of my 2010 models.  Hannah was perfect and made my life as a photographer easy with that beautiful smile and gorgeous blonde locks.  Thanks so much for being a 2010 senior model for Haasphotography.